Dory..the fish that swims and swims..

April 16, 2009 3:17am CST
What kind of fish is dory?? and fyi Dory is so funny because she has a sunny point of view in bout you who is yout favorite?
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@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
I also love dory. Eventhough she's so forgetful I think it's her instincts that save her in various situations. And she can read LoL ^_-
• Canada
7 May 09
All my friends call me Dori cause i have no sense of direction, and i can't remember anything and i get distracted easily,...I have a very short attention span too. Everytime we get near water they all start saying "just keep swimming just keep swimming" lol.
@besthope44 (12123)
• India
8 Aug 10
I like Dory too very sweet and funny it is!
@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
Dory of the "Finding Nemo" movie is a blue tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) which belongs to the family of Surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae). I don't know why it is depicted as a forgetful fish in the movie. I am sure though that it is used as one of the major character in the movie because it is one of the most-sought by marine fish keepers. I think, the movie gives lots of lovely characters - the sharks trying to change their diet, the "cool dude" turtles, the noisy pelicans and more. But Dory and Martin are my favorites.