lets share all about our husband.

South Korea
April 16, 2009 3:18am CST
lets share about the likes and we dislikes to our husband, so some other wives out their can read this and realize that not alway her who has husband like ours.ok lets have fun. here is mine likes==== my husband is kind,loving, sweet,hard working,respectful and thoughtful dislikes= he hates to play with our kids, he hates house chores he hates to go shopping he doesn't like to go for picnic i hate him being an addict to the computer games. how about you guys?
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@antiz30 (40)
• United States
31 Aug 09
Hi cassi, I am blessed with my husband. I have been married 10 yrs and we are always in a honeymoon lol. OMG I am tring to think of something that I dislike about him and I can not. MMMMM nope can not think of nothing. Maybe I do dislike something about his attitude but I got so used to it, its not a dislike any more. Good luck.
• South Korea
11 Oct 09
wow! that's awesome, sometimes I appreciated couples who are sweet even in their older age. I got to envy them and looking forward to imagine if my husband an I get older we are the same couples as now while the years goes by...It's funny to think of it but yea, If you love your partner no matter what other people says about him he is one of the best for their wife.
• China
16 Apr 09
Although i havn't married yet,but i've got a boyfriend.He never goes shopping with me,and he's always asking me to do the things he doesn't want to do.that makes me become very whiny. However, he's humorous,thoughtful and hardworking. So, mybe advantages and disadvantages are always together.
• South Korea
16 Apr 09
you are totaly right, disadvantages and advantages are always went together life is not that wonderful if all person are all same and all good. maybe it is not funny at all.