Sleeping hours??

April 16, 2009 3:20am CST
How many hours should we really sleep? Because are to my teacher news said that we should sleep like not more than 8 hours because we'll get more chances of dying earlier and he said that we should only sleep like 6 hours a day only..what's the real truth...anyone know the answer?
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@krajibg (11923)
• Guwahati, India
16 Apr 09
The globally accepted concept on sleep is that minimum 6 hours is needed for the adults to keep themselves fit and healthy. Less than that could cause cardiac problem and more than 8 hours is too much and it has its own side effects. Between 6 to 8 hours sleep is sufficient and is normal enough.
@Fadolf (545)
• Slovenia
16 Apr 09
As far as I know 8 hours is optimal for our brain to function normally. I have never heard "6 hour rule". As far as I know if you are sleeping less than 8 hours you are risking heart diseases, but who will know it for sure what the truth is when the scientists always find something new. Happy mylotting and sleep well!
@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
16 Apr 09
i've always been thought that sleeping 8 hours a day is the healthy "standard". but personally, i sleep about 9 hours average a day. And my sleeping hours are like 5am and wake at 2pm.