lifetime movie about Natalie Holloway?

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April 16, 2009 4:09am CST
they are making a lifetime movie network about natalie holloway and it swears it has new info or information that hasnt been said or something.. um i have watched a ton of documentaries on her and they all have no idea it seems and even the movie says that its still a case that is unsolved so how are they going to have new info?! i mean if they did have new info then why would they save it for a lifetime movie? if they advertised it as a "did this happen to her" type of thing to where it would make a story based on guessing then that would be cool but i have a feeling they are just gonna put what they want and make people think that that is exactly how it happened.. what do you guys think? just publicity bs to make you watch it or do you think it will have information they never publicized?
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17 Apr 09
Hmm,see I thought they had found the guy who killed her. he was seen in a parking lot with her last or somthing they ended up dumping her in a trash can or somthing . I really dont know I try not to follow story's like that because I myself dont really wanna know what happend it is to horrible. I mean Ill read about it if I see an article but I dont go looking for information or sit infront of the tv waiting for them to talk about it you know.... I guess this movie could be for a good cause. to let other children know the dangers in leaving your group when your out in someplace strange and trusting people you dont know... wether there is ganna be new information or not I dont know. I didnt even know there was ganna be a movie coming out about her...