where the idea come from?

United States
April 16, 2009 4:45am CST
Some of us here might write for the Associate Content, Helium, or Paid - to - Write sites? I did contribute some writings to these sites to earn some money. But, where do you get the idea to keep it flowing? Sometimes I just come out with blank. Would you give me some guidance?
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@paid2write (5201)
16 Apr 09
I have more than 200 articles at Helium and I aim to have 300 by July. This means writing on average one article a day. I don't find it difficult at Helium because there are so many channels. and hundreds of titles within each of those channels. I don't write for other sites where writers have to come up with titles and topics to write on. Helium pays me $1.50 per article in upfront payments, and an extra $1 if I am the first to write to an empty title. That is on top of daily revenue share from page views. I search out empty titles, and if I see one I can write to, I take a chance on getting my article submitted first.
@med889 (5952)
16 Apr 09
Well i agree with you. Before I was thinking about how to get ideas to write but eventually I read a lot and then I got the inspiration to write too. Today i write in Helium and I get well paid. I have a blog with more than 50 articles and more than 200 people commenting. Writing has indeed become my passion. I just love writing now about everything. You just need to read a lot and read about everything which comes in your hands it proves useful when you will lack ideas. Happy mylotting clorissa123!
@scheng1 (24688)
• Singapore
16 Apr 09
ideas come from everywhere. Even when rating articles at Helium, come across a lot of interesting articles that I have confidence in writing. Sometimes queuing up at the supermarket, overheard some conversations that provide ideas for articles. Sometimes after reading an interesting book, I have the urge to do book review or write an article about the author. A lot of ideas come from reading histories. Some creative ideas come from reading about scientific articles. Once I read about solar panel, so I turn that into solar panel dress. Imagine a day when the solar panel is so thin as to become materials for making dresses. It's perfectly irritating to have too many ideas floating around, and know that there is no way to develop every single idea that come into the mind into full length articles.
@Theresaaiza (10528)
• Australia
16 Apr 09
I have also just started out on my blog. Like you I am finding it hard to write anything. So far, I have only written 3 articles yet which are mostly work-related. Like putting in what took place during a certain event. Someday I will try to concentrate on blogging because I love to write I'm just not concentrating wel enough. Some people would do this, although I barely encourage it, they just copy-paste articles from the internet, do a few modifications, erase some, add some, transfer some words, and post it as blog. If you do want to earn and make blogging easier you have the option to try that. Just don't cleanly copy-paste because you'll be reported for plaigiarism.