Best PICK -UP line used by you or used on you?

@born1989 (177)
April 16, 2009 5:51am CST
guys i want to know a very innovative pick -up line for a girl. i know a girl in my locality. she is very pretty. but i m afraid if i directly speak to her,she 'll take me in wrong sense. soo please friends help me out in this situation. i guess i am in love with that girl. please give me some romantic ideas or some good pick up lines.
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@mira91 (986)
• Singapore
17 Apr 09
@ AshleyNicole82 Agreed. =D @ born Dude, just be cool mann. And with that i mean be yourself. =D You don't have to have pickup lines to woo this girl even if she's pretty, i think she'll probably hate you if you'd go on her and start being cheesy..haha..How bout writing her a love note like ashley says...I think it's very sweet of my crush to write me one...I may consider him and even if i turn him down, i'd be gentle with it. So i think it's the best way to go...^_^
• United States
16 Apr 09
If you are in love with this girl then you do not need a pick up line. Express your true feelings to her by being yourself. Are you guys friends? Asking her out to dinner would be nice. Nothing too romantic at first. Keep it casual because it helps lighten the atmosphere and provides for more comfortable conversation. If you are not comfortable with confessing your love face to face a good old fashioned love note could be the way to go. If you guys are not friends already, take the time to build a friendship with her. Find out if you guys have similar interests. I will tell you as a woman, we really dont like pick up lines. They are cheesy.