Does the matrix become real?

April 16, 2009 6:29am CST
Can you had think when machines world,matrix was real.There are many symptoms for this.That we had devoloping AI.Does it cause destruction to human race.
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• India
16 Apr 09
im pretty suer that matrix will be possible in near future . but im not suer if the survival of humans will be difficult or not . but 1 thing is also there that makes me think more on possibility of machine rule is that , if we were so advanced then we would be also there in some other planet , so if machines captured on earth than the advanced humans those who lived outside earth would definitely defeat those machines .wht do u think , pm me , for ur suggestion.
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• India
16 Apr 09
Thank you kapil for your first response.YEs you right Matrix can be possible when we examine AI foundation.
12 May 09
AI. can't destroy human being, haman being will destroy itself . After the disaster most people will die and minority will suvive and mourn their glorious past in the matrix.