how much money are you we earning?

April 16, 2009 4:46pm CST
I'm really super new to mylot, and I havent been able to find anywhere how much money on average you guys are actually making xD the only thing i've heard so far as an approximation was 20-50 dollllas a month. but Id like to know how much you get a month, and about how long you spend on here? :) thanks !
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• China
17 Apr 09
I'm a new comer to mylot,too. and I have heard they earn 10~30 dollars a month on average.If you are new comer,you could earn 0.4 dollars every day, you could earn 12 dollars a month.
• Canada
18 Apr 09
thank youuu ! :)
@daneg33 (1128)
• Canada
16 Apr 09
If you participate in discussions, tag them, and add responses of substance (not just a one-liner) then you should get paid for your participation each day. Depending on how many discussions you respond to, I only spend about an hour each day on here. I make about $0.25 per day in discussions and then I do a $2 task when they come up. I just got my first payout for $29 directly to my Paypal. You just need to get the minimum to get paid - it's $10.
• Canada
16 Apr 09
thankyouuu ! :) thats awesome.
11 May 09
hey i am new here too i have make 0.18$ not much na , but i really think its worth it , but you i have seen members who get 30$ so hope to make that much one day or per month happy lotting