California special election on May 19th is starting to heat up;

United States
April 16, 2009 4:54pm CST
To save our pocket books, vote NO NO NO NO NO on Measures 1A-1E and Yes on Measure 1F. Make them act responsibly with the money they have already taking from us. Don't listen to the political propaganda, that without the passage of measures 1A through 1E,it will put California into bankruptcy. It's a scare tactic, lies, and fraud. The people of California and across the Nation have stood up and have spoken. Enough is enough, we are not going to take this any more. We elected these representitives to work for the people and not for the government. Come 2010, will see alot of new faces in the State senate, along with the U.S.Congress and the Senate. California inter cities have been sanctuaries for illegal's for decades. The state has sheltered, feed them, Educated them and paid for there healthcare, not to mention the thousands in which are incarsurated in our state prisons. With taxpayers money no less. 10.5 billion Dollars annually is being spent on maintaining illegals in the state of California. With a 43 billion Dollar short fall it's no wonder why we're in the mess where in. Are you listening Arnold Schwarzenegger? It's time to get tough with immigration and clean up the streets. Stop wasting hard earn tax dollars. Vote No on Measures 1A through 1E and Yes on 1F-----May 19th State wide Election
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