Negative people earning from PTC (Paid to click)

@tixepower (1196)
April 16, 2009 5:04pm CST
Anyone else noticed that there are a lot of negative people who are trying to earn with paid to click websites? People are confused and start thread/post wars. Most of the people think that a real ptc is a bux ptc site like neobux that most probably is selling bots, if you look at a thread at talkptc you will see that neobux had 18000 new members everyday when the site was still very new and when it was still possible to see the statistics. Most of the new ptc sites are not even able to run a proper ponzi anymore. They do not pay more than a month and today I can only mention two big sites where you earn 1 cent per click and it's neobux and performancebux. Performancebux already run out of money yestarday but today I managed to cashout after all. So where is this going to? I'm pretty sure ptc won't die but ponzis are dying everyday and the community is more and more angry. When I first start clicking and joined some forums, many people were "happy" atleast not angry all the time and now everyone is angry. Will we just watch and let it continue or will we try to make a change?
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• India
17 Apr 09
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