money earned on mylot ?

@anu00k (88)
April 16, 2009 11:43pm CST
What is the average money you earned in my lot per month ? I've just joined mylot just some days ago, I noticed responses here are very good .
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• United States
17 Apr 09
I actually haven't been on myLot a full month yet. I am basically in my 1 week stage at this point and right now I have earned $4.55. At the rate I'm going, I feel that as long as I can have some really good days on the days I'm not busy with school, when the time comes for payout each month I can have a good $20 coming to me, if not at least fairly close. It feels nice that the effort I put into this site allows me to reach payout once a month at least. I know other sites where it isn't like that and instead its a guessing game if you are going to get the referrals you need to make anything.
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@tepitenio (119)
• Israel
17 Apr 09
How can you earn 25 dollars a month here??? I start posting everyday but after five or six posts I am really tired of it. I am here for three months and even got to the dollar! What is the trick?
• India
17 Apr 09
i have joined last week.but earning rate here is quite low.i have noticed it's a good site but you have to be proactive.being active only will not do.
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
17 Apr 09
Ehm.. I have joined mylot last year, and have been actively participating in discussions during that time.. But eventually, for some reasons, I was not able to continue posting here.. But as far as I can remember, for a month, I have earned like $25 for each month.. Yes, they really pay and this is not one of those scam sites that most over the web are.. Hope you enjoy your stay here as I enjoyed mine *smiles*