What to do about my 8 year old son HELP!!!!

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April 17, 2009 2:35am CST
Ok thanks to a certain mylot member something has been brought to my attention. I will thank you again gotetet for starting the discussion you started. Ok I tease my 8 year old son and when I say tease I mean in a motherly harmless way I would never make fun of my kids. I tell him he is emo he just blows it off and is like " whatever mom" Now for those of you who do not know what EMO is its a really emotional person. And my son is very emotional. For some reason he is insecure. For what reason I am not sure. He requires a lot of attention and if he does not get as much as he feels like he should he pulls the " you dont love me anymore" or " you love sissy more than you love me" Sissy being my 2 year old daughter. Now I do not show favoritism with my kids what so ever. I buy for one I buy for the other I give one a hug the other one gets on also. But it seems like no matter what I do. I am being "unfair" or I lover her more than him. Is this just a phase he is going through or should I be concerned and take him to talk to some one? Is he screaming on the inside "fix Me I am Broke" Thanks again gotetet.
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@jillmalitz (5131)
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17 Apr 09
In his mind you are favoring the other child. Older children sometimes go through this. My kids did the same thing. Do you make sure that after your 2 year goes to bed that you spend a little time just with him? He will get over it eventually. I don't see that you are doing anything wrong. Be patient.
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2 Jun 12
hi sxrxnrr, I am interested in finding out how your son is doing now that he is 4 years older. Is he still jealous of his sister?