How May Variities Of Rice You Have Taken

April 17, 2009 5:11am CST
Up to that time in life how many varieties of rice you have taken. Which variety you enjoy the most. Or in other words how many varieties of rice you know. Apart from different varietis of rice there is different ways of cooking rice. How you cook your daily rice. You use cooker or other type of container for cooking rice. What is your priority for eating rice. In my opinion rice can full my stomach at any place. It is my favourite dish at all. Apart from taste it fragnance attracts me all the time. I like rice because I like taste I also like this because I enjoy eating as well. There is so many types of fried rice varietis available in any hotel. Each variety is unique in itself. You can enjoy any f the variety. So share here your view about eating, cooking and enjoying rice.
3 responses
@anniefannie (1737)
• United States
18 Apr 09
I use the plain white rice I eat it with red beans I put it in my chicken soup I eat it with sugar and butter in it.Hamburge meat and gravy with rice is good.I like it just plain.Rice is a great sorse of fiber.I enjoy eating too.Eat up.
• India
19 Apr 09
I am asking that how many types of rice varieties you have eaten up. Whichh is your favourite and why.
• United States
20 Apr 09
I have had brown rice and regular white rice and that is my favorite.They are the only kinds I have had.
@pengbubu (1011)
• China
16 May 09
If you want to know how many kind of rice I have taken, I will tell you I only take one, the plain white rice. I know there are lots of rice in the market, but my favorite one is plain white rice. Have a good time! Neerajpandey.
• India
16 May 09
Up to that time if you take only one type of rice then I think you miss lots of things and very good taste in your life as well. Take other varieties of rice as well.
• Philippines
22 Apr 09
I have travelled many times to other countries already like Singapore and Thailand and I have eaten Thai Jasmine rice but I don't know the other varieties of rice they have there that I have eaten already. Here in my country, there are also a lot of rice varieties. I have eaten the local Jasmine rice, Brown rice and Japanese rice. I like rice being cooked as fried rice or congee or at times the steamed plain rice.