is it difficult to be a writer?

@fwangaa (3058)
April 17, 2009 6:39am CST
i think it is very difficult, beacause you must think a lot for your reader, and think a lot about the fictive person in your pen. and must have logic,so it will be difficult to be a writer. do you have other advice about my view? and share? thanks very much. wish you have a good day!
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
20 Apr 09
Erm...I don't think it's very difficult to be a writer ^_^' But perhaps it depends if you think that thinking in such a degree is hard. I usually don't find thinking hard to do...but I've done alot of it, even before I started writing. It has even been argued that I think too much. For alot of people, writing is as easy and natural as breathing, and others usually have to work and learn. There's really no difference in quality between them, 'cause writing is just another's subjective, and always wonderful as writers are generall passionate about their works.
@dpk262006 (56737)
• Delhi, India
18 Apr 09
You see whosoever writes or contributes on mylot, s/he is a writer in herself/himself. Here also while framing a discussion or responding to a post you need to gather your thoughts and write them down. It means that you are thinker and you can express yourself. I mostly write my views on mylot discussions, however, I sometimes write on Associated contents. If you go to my profile page, you can get the link under the caption 'my website'.
@hsofyan (3447)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
17 Apr 09
Hi Fwangaa! According to me, you are too bold to make statements like: "you must think a lot for your reader"; or "think a lot about the fictive person"; or "must have logic." All statements that "maybe yes or maybe no." At least, I do not follow the statements. Or maybe I'm not the author according to your version. Best regards..
@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
17 Apr 09
Just like anything writing takes practice, expertise, concentration, and research. Much more than that but if I listed everything well that would make me have to think too hard hehe. It is difficult for me to write even though I love it I get bouts of writers block, I want to write what is on my mind but I also know that I have to think about the reader and how to catch their eyes with my words so that makes it even harder. But every second is worth it to me.
@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
17 Apr 09
Yes...It's difficult to be a writer. Being a writer requires a wide imagination. You need to be observant. Your mind can focus and cannot be distracted easily. You must know how to use words properly. And you must know how will you convey your ideas in your readers. That's what I think ^_^
@scheng1 (24690)
• Singapore
17 Apr 09
Not really difficult, it is fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of different types of writers around. Some writers write only short stories, I like the way Pu Song Ling wrote. He never even created a single characters. All his ghost stories are in existence. He just compiled them and because the famous Liao Zhai. Luo Guan Zhong also never created a single character. He wrote San Guo Yan Yi (The Romance of Three Kingdoms) based on historical people. He just added in a lot of dreams and feelings to those people. I like the way he wrote about Zhuge Liang. Then there are a lot of newspaper articles written by freelance or hired reporters. They are not allowed to write fiction for news. There are writers for textbooks. Those are the ones rewrote a lot of facts and simplified for students to study. It's not difficult to be a writer, just got to write what you love and concentrate on the writing.
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
17 Apr 09
I think you have to have a knack and good writing skill to start with. We can also develop this over the years. Determination is a great thing. It makes us do unbelievable things! Reading, talking help. Good communication skill, I feel, help in writing down your thoughts well. There are born writers and writers who have practiced to reach there. So nothing is impossible with good will.
@achinthya (1217)
• India
17 Apr 09
to become writer is not a joke it is God's gifted talent which one among five people have recieved from God, to be a good writer we should think it philosophically about life or study deeply about the particular topic you are planning to share with everyone or keep ourself in the position of that particular thing which we are writing about!but lastly we should be good in language also to express our views deeply..