Green Salad

@sujaysen (594)
April 17, 2009 8:10am CST
How do you like green salad? I like it very much.
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@marguicha (177122)
• Chile
17 Apr 09
I love green salads. How about iceberg lettuce, endive, celery, watercress an avocado slices? Salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar and a touch of parmesan (reggianito) cheese on top. YUMMY!!!
@Colmuc (708)
17 Apr 09
I love all salads if I know where they have come from. I grow my own and can be sure that no chemicals have been sprayed on them. Green salad is healthy but brown and red lettuce types are said to contain more beneficial elements. It is nice to mix them and give the salad some colour. I may add a little low calorie salad cream or yogurt dressing but NEVER oil of any kind.
@Shant23 (195)
17 Apr 09
I am a big fan of salad and i try to have it at least 3 times a week with olive oil on it and tuna. I also have a spinich smoothie everyday so i make sure i get my full 5 a day like you are recommended to have. I believe a healthy diet makes me more awake and makes me work harder.