what can i do for the life?

April 17, 2009 1:40pm CST
Iam a college student.but i found that most of studentdon't study.they just play every day.though i don't want to be that.I have been influenced by them.so i abandoned learning now ,on how I do?
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@williamjisir (22883)
• China
18 Apr 09
Good morning, zj. The current situation of Chinese students in high schools are different from that of the college students. If we have a detailed analysis to this phenomenon, it is not hard to figure out the reason why. Now please allow me to give some brief analysis to it. You know, high school students usually work very hard at school. Parts of the reasons are from their schools while some other parts are due to their pressure from studying for the pass of college entrance examination. It is a very hard time for them in the high schools, but once they pass the college entrance examination, they want to let themselves enjoy a better college life. Thus they loose their time they are supposed to spend on their further study, which is not good for their future. This is why quite a few of the college students play instead of studying. But so long as you are persistent in your own interest of study, even so, you can still manage to be the person you wish to be. I wish you all the best, dear zhoujun.
• China
18 Apr 09
thank you for your response.i will try to change my lifestydle.i know is very hard
@psyche49f (2504)
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
Life is what you make it, so I think you know that when you're not serious in your studies now, soon you will regret the wasted time...I hope that you will realize that you will not be young forever, and that soon you will be expected to be responsible and to be economically independent. So what will you do with your life if you don't invest now, instead of being influenced by peers? I guess this really needs serious reflection before it's too late. I don't think you'd settle just being an ordinary peddler, or landing a low paying job because you did not invest well your time. Start now to invest something for your future. After all, it's not your friends who will stand by you when you are down and out. You have your family who will always stand by you, so heed the advices from your parents. Never let them down by resolving to be serious with your studies.
@btrcooky (176)
17 Apr 09
Look for friends who do study and hang out with them. Save the fun friends for the weekend. Go to the library to study.