Rumors, people talking, and stuff...

@Hanan_x3 (294)
United States
April 17, 2009 8:37pm CST
I have a huge problem. I come from a neighborhood that are all the same culture as I am (I dont wish to say my culture). There is a prob with the ppl that live around me- they talk a lot. So heres my problem: I walk a lot outside. I walk with my friend becuz I just love walking. Its good for me and for my body. And I love the personal time with my friend bcuz we hardly get enough time to talk. We have busy schedules. So the problem is wen me and her walk, guys look (STARE). I'm a big time feminist so I usually flick them off or ask wut the f they want. They usually smile and continue to come around. My sisters have told me to stop walking. But im not gonna let a bunch of pervs keep me from doing something I love. As I said im a feminist so im nto gonna let a bunch of guys intimidate me. Wen they see girls walking they see them as wh*res. There has been a lot of talk about me with the guy but ii rlly DONT care. But my family does, bcuz it will shame my family. You know wut I mean? So wut should I do? Continue walking? or stop? Help :(
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@katrhina23 (1282)
• United States
18 Apr 09
If you're not doing anything wrong, why stop?
@Looben (15)
• China
18 Apr 09
Some this world is crazy. I think u'd better make some change. Maybe you can find another way to relax.Try playing balls or running.I think if u r not the one rumors said, it will dispear itself soon.