why not?Eveyone come in plzzzzzz

April 18, 2009 3:56am CST
Hi,everyone. I'm a new man in mylot,and I'm surprise that there are so many people in mylot neither rate the post and nor rate the reply. I think it's unfair.You know everyone come here to share their experience,their feel,their suggest.But only so little people rate them.People spend time to type,and only you need to rate their post.Affirm their work.This is the game rule. Maybe you think their post isn't good or you don't agree with them,but they tried to share.So please be generous.Because we are friends of mylot,aren't we? If you have read my post,Action now.And please help me rate this post,Don't let it plummet.Hope eveyone can read this article.Hope we all enjoy mylot. by the way:the "rate" button is below the article,just as "+".
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• China
18 Apr 09
I dont know how to answer some kind of question. u can not ask others to do for u, but if u do enough to the others I think the repay will come. hard work will be noticed in mylot I believe.
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• India
18 Apr 09
I agree. I am not very active in Mylot, But When i read some posts, I appreciate their contribution by rating them positively, at the same time I rate negatively when I find some body is posting nonsense things. This way We can develop the MyLot as a very good place having fun. Most people here are hurry in posting, not finding the time to rate. I hope after reading this discussion, People will change their mind and start rating.
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• Canada
18 Apr 09
When I saw this post, it made me think about the ratings and why I stopped rating altogether. Apparently a couple years ago "Trolls" were large and alot of people were asking for a minus in their discussions so that it would keep them below a 10. If you were below a 10, then you wouldnt get "trolled" Well, after the hundreth person asking me to do that, I just gave up on rating unless it was a great post, then I'd give them a + rating. Now, that I have noticed alot of trolling has stopped, I should get back to it. :)) I have rated everyone here with a + Please do the same for me. Thanks for posting this discussion. OH, and if you want to make more money here, respond often, make alot of discussions, always double space and make sure to have alot to say :))