How to differentiate real or fake Louis Vuitton Wallet?

April 18, 2009 9:39am CST
Currently, my father's friend bought back a LV wallet for me. I am wondering whether the wallet is authentic or fake. He bought it from Itali. In the wallet is stated 'Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France' Any suggestion for me to check whether this wallet is real or fake? Thx for ur suggestion. Image will be posted once I upload to my pc.
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@maezee (39815)
• United States
18 Apr 09
Here are some ideas: -If a tag on the inside of the wallet says "Made in China" - it's not. Expensive designer brands like LV are made in Italy or Paris (in most cases). -You could look up your wallet on to see if it's being sold there. That's the only site that's permitted to sell new Louis Vuitton designer products. -Was it wrapped in LV tissue paper when you got it? -Louis Vuitton uses brass & gold metal hardware (not plastic that's been painted gold). The zippers will also have "LV" printed on them neatly. -The LVs should be lined up on your bag/wallet. Take a ruler and check. -The overall feel of the material - it shouldn't feel "cheap". It should be durable and a nice material if it's real. -You could also try to ask how much your dad BOUGHT it for. I know it's an invasive question, but if he got it for $50 from a street vendor - well, that SCREAMS fake. Those are just some ideas for you. I don't know if Italy has a huge counterfeit/"knock-off" industry or not - but good luck figuring it out!