Do you work on a Sunday?

April 18, 2009 8:13pm CST
Our jobs or chosen career could sometimes demand a huge amount of our time. I know for a fact that a lot of people are slaves to their jobs and are even working on a Sunday to meet deadlines. Perhaps, to some, it could also be the schedule or the shift that they have been assigned to. To the workers and peeps who can relate, speak up and tell us your story.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 09
Before under the previous management I have to bring some of my work at home and do it on Sundays but now I make it a point that Sunday should be my rest day and I have to do all those work from Monday until Saturday only.Even if we love our job so much we should have time for ourselves.
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@blue65packer (11834)
• United States
19 Apr 09
I work sundays at my full job only a few times a year. I try to get ot when I work sundays if not I get a three day weekend the following week! I also have a part-time job and I work there every sunday. I don't mind! I also work saturday and I don't mind it at all! I work off my horses board(I work at a stable) and it keeps me busy!
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@udnisak (610)
• Australia
13 Oct 09
i never wanted to work on sunday.. i want to be sunday a free day and a day when i can spend time in relax.. but i dont mind others working on sunday.. to make some extra money.. if ihav to do a job on sundays i wish that job is a part time one ... which will end in less than 3 hours..
@cncoke (439)
• China
15 Jul 09
I always work on sundays,as Chinese students we always study on sundays.
• India
8 Jul 09
Well, i have to admit that i work on sundays sometimes though not all the time.Yes to meet deadlines or when bosses comes from the headoffices they want to utilize all the time they have irespective of the employeess needing a break.Honestly i hate working on sundays but sometimes i am a victim of it
@ladybug565 (2217)
• United States
12 May 09
I am very fortunate that I dont have to work on Sundays. we are closed Sundays. I do things at home that I dont get time to do durring the week like laundry and housework. I did work on sundays in previous jobs though and I hated it.
@ryzach (1546)
• United States
12 May 09
I used to work on Sundays for many many years. I worked in the restaurant industry first and of course they were open on Sundays so had to work which at the time was okay because I was still in school and that way I could have more hours than on a school night. I had various jobs after that and then went into retail and worked many Sundays. It became a real treat to have a Sunday off and a special treat to have the whole weekend off, which rarely happened. Now since I had spent so long working weekends I looked for something so I could be home in the evenings and off on weekends. I am off every Sunday but on occasion have to work a Saturday here and there, not too bad. I am enjoying it for sure.
• Philippines
12 May 09
It is a big NO NO to me to work on a Sunday. It is the only time to spend with my family and do some household chores. It is my day off need also to rest at least once in a week to refresh our mind and bodies of all the stress that our job causes us.
@ubuakimi (37)
• Brazil
1 May 09
Sunday for me is only for rest. But have people, really work at Sunday 'cause they need... :)