Do you watch historical movies?

@cudamani (996)
April 19, 2009 9:55am CST
I have the habit of watching historical movies. I like the way they are made by the movie people. Making a historical movie requires a lot of skill and imagination. Do you wtch such movies?
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@kingparker (9692)
• United States
30 Mar 11
I would like to watch those historical movies from time to time just to pick up some history lessons that I missed from schools. It is fun and educational though. I would like to watch something during the World War Period, political reasons to arise such wars, and other similar movies like that.
21 Apr 11
I would suggest you Gladiator, Troy and black hawk dawn these all are based on historical wars and you can catch them here in this list even lots of other are present there.
• Philippines
1 May 11
I do watch for 4 reasons - it's education, it's entertaining at the same time, I'm a big fan of history and I love historical costumes. Although I do hate some movies for being inaccurate or misleading, I quite understand the notion for entertainment or financial purposes. I guess the movie is fine with me as long as not too much facts are compromised in the movie. As stated, I love historical films due to the costumes in the movie, I feel that fashion is a big deal in a historical film since dress is reflective of history and culture of that particular period. Though I would never wish to wear such costume, I like the idea that i could imagine myself long ago wearing the same thing but having the limited social opportunities and amenities that I enjoy today.
@doller99 (13)
30 Mar 11
Yep... I too like to watch historical movies.. You can watch mine favorite historical movie Born to Be a Star online from here
• Philippines
12 Jun 09
Yes I also like watching historical movies as I want to see what was happening in the past that we didn't experience. Making historical movies put a lot of effort while filming it because they need to make it realistic so they rent costumes to dress up the actors/actresses, they try to make the surrounding of the setting back in the old days, and based it on some historical facts in the same time.
• China
12 Jun 09
my fave history film is the messager,which tells the process from a village girl 2 aleader of france army
@Setto24 (122)
• Indonesia
5 May 09
Yeah, i like it too.. but, depends on the history... I would like to watch mythology movies that contain history. But I wouldnot like to making a muvie like that. Hard to do.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
30 Apr 09
I do like historical films I have to admit. But I get annoyed by the way that Hollywood in particular presents a distorted view of events in it's historical films either because it, (in there view) makes a better film, or because they are deliberately trying to put over and perpetuate a distorted view of history. The really sad thing is that many people who do not have any knowlege of the actual historical facts, go to see one of these films, (Braveheart is a case in point), and go away with the belief that it really happened in that way. People should realise that they are watching fiction that is intended to entertain and not to educate. The fiction may be based on real events, but it is still a fictional depiction of those events.
• United States
21 Apr 09
This has to be one of my favorite movie areas. Learning about the past history of our country and others such as England and all their kings and queens. I also like movies such as Miss. Potter, showing the life of Beatrix Potter who wrote "Peter Rabbit" and over 26 famous children's books, Jane Austen's life in Becoming Jane, all of her books that were made into movies, "Pride and Pregidise", "Emma", "Sense and Sensability, and more. Many of these are on HBO and the free movies channel if you have cable. Historical movies are definately for those who like to learn about the past and the people who lived back then and added to the world.
@rishikon (31)
• India
19 Apr 09
I love history and i love to watch historical movies. There are so many things to learn from historical movies and its so fan to watch people how they live in older days. It also shows us the mistake and the achievement of human being in the past.