when can you say its over?

@mayrose (323)
April 19, 2009 10:50am CST
I met this person we were officemate before, we have this feelings for each other but we never really admit it to each other. I can feel it the she cares about me but every time I try to open about what we have she just walk away and just get mad at me. Until I leave the company we never had a chance to talk, we still connected because we are in a friendster thing, I heard she also left the company. Just recently I read in her profile she's in a relationship now and a few day after I saw a pic of her and this guy, happen to know the guy, his from the company we've worked before. I admit I'm still hoping to see her and have this feeling for her but I think she' moving on and I should too.
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@cherriemae (3370)
• Philippines
20 Apr 09
hello mayrose...i had a relationship before when i'm in college..he is the father of my baby..he left when he knows that i'm already pregnant, since then, we don't have communication anymore..until now that my daughter is already 4, we still don't have communication, and i'm not even thinking to go to their house if how's my ex boyfriend..maybe the right time will come, we see each other, but i know in my heart that i don't love him anymore..i'm happy with my life, with my daughter and i already moved on and looking forward to have a good future for my daughter.. God Bless and happy mylotting
@Casey23 (20)
• United States
19 Apr 09
All you can do is talk to her. Take her out on a date and show her that you care.