How do you make friends on mylot?

United States
April 19, 2009 1:14pm CST
Hi everyone. I'm new to this here and was just wondering how you go about making friends on mylot. Do you just randomly pick people and add them as a friend? Any tips on how to make the most of this are appreciated. I'm very happy to be part of this community and hope to make the best of it!
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• Philippines
19 Apr 09
Hi kidkarma.. WElcome to mylot. I will give you some tips but of course i cant say those are the best ways of making friends here. I started my own set of friends by answering to some discussions I find interesting and added them to my friends' list. Slowly I made and establish good relationship with some. I am not very active but i make sure that whenever i have a chance I try to response to my friends discussions before i look for some discussions that i find interesting to answer. If you have some new ideas then start to make a new thread that is quality and some kind of lengthy as well. Goodluck and hope you will enjoy mylot too..
• United States
19 Apr 09
Thank you for the advice! You have been very helpful.
@babshish (1389)
• India
19 Apr 09
Hi Kidkarma, the best way to search for friends is to check the discussions of your intrest and author who posted it, add him as your friend and wait for his response. Also make sure that you respond to that discussion, this will make the author feel good and he will accept your request. Also make sure to comment on the responses you get and you can also add them to your friend's list. This way your list will grow fast and also your earnings. In additions to this you will have so many friends whith whom you can discuss and share you thoughts on various topics. Hope this helps.