Is Resveratrol and Red Wine the Holy Grail for Anti-aging?

April 19, 2009 5:17pm CST
When Oprah and 60 minutes do major stories promoting something it creates a real buzz. When Fox News and the New York Times come out with coverage heralding Resveratrol it creates even more attention, because they agree on pretty much nothing. There appears to be substance behind the hype with Harvard Medical School and the other leading instituions reporting real benefits from Resveratrol in studies they have undertaken. Resveratrol has my attention and I am going to look to see if there is a way to benefit today from Resveratrol without drinking a cellar full or red wine?
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• United States
20 Apr 09
I was pretty much wondering the same thing, but i guess with every magic bean they sell the only thing to do is try it for yourself. I guess we'll have to wait a lifetime to find out, right! lol, but then again I guess if theres so much factual significance on it, it definetly couldnt hurt to try and thats what im going to do Im goig to be my own guinee pig other than wait on the price of that thing to go sky high kida like hoodia, remember that! I am 29yrs so hopefully i can get the maximum benefits.GOOD LUCK to all you guinee pigs!