The Economy and my view

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April 19, 2009 5:22pm CST
The economy is getting worse. I keep on hearing about how it will continue to decrease in my classes and they are raising everything. They raise tuition, rent, princes on goods, etc. Yet, they cease to raise the cost of pay. Instead they are lowering and letting people without thinking about it has on the employees. I would make it to where the employee, customer, and I would not suffer due to the economy if I was a boss and owned my own business, which I plan to do in the future. It's like a chain reaction in the economy. People see on the news all the time that economy is going downhill and they start to panic. The panic stage cause the economy to get even worse then it is. First, people start to spend money on shops. This causes businesses to raise the prices and cause people to panic more and become cheap. Landlords starts to raise prices on rent which causes people to lose money in their pockets. The people stop spending money even more. The rule of Supply and Demand states: The less people have a demand for a good, the less they start to make. So, the shops stop buying goods from factories. Then they start to lay off their employees and they do not have a job nor a income. The main people who suffer is the wait staff, or any other staff who depends on tips. Someone has to do it. They should have to be paid AT LEAST 5 dollars an hour since the economy is getting worse and people will not tip them. I am a waitress and I have to work really hard for customers who do not tip me and walk out on my order. The way it works at my job is they take my order, I pay the cashier for the item, then I get my money from the customer when I give them the item if they are still there. Sometimes they are not there and I do not get my money back. The manager doesn't care. I tell them and they say "don't worry about it." Of course I am going to worry about it because it is my money but they do not care because they are not losing the money. We also have to tip out ten percent plus three dollars to the cleaner, but we end up having to stay after and clean. He gets paid eight dollars an hour plus three dollars from each waitress. Some nights we only get twenty dollars in tips. The manager wants to raise the price and this causes the customer to tip less to us. This is my opinion about the economy. People are overreacting to the news and making the economy worse. I believe that will spend more and cause the economy to get get better if we made everyone believe it was. Perhaps, if someone on the news said that we solved our debt problem stated we were no longer in debt, they would start to spend more money and feel better with their money and start to spend more and cause the domino effect again.
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@Adoniah (7515)
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20 Apr 09
I believe you need to look for another job. You are getting ripped off. Go to a Mom and Pop restaurant. They do not take your tips away from you like that. The cleaning person usually just gets a straight salary. These people are running a racket. Get out of there. Good luck! Shalom~Adoniah