which one is the best!!!!

April 20, 2009 2:48am CST
i am totally confused to opt for which windows for my home use. ihave ddr2 (ram 4 gb) 512 gb hard disk 9600 grapic card. so what you think windows vista/xp or upcoming windows 7 beta
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@my1341 (459)
• China
20 Apr 09
I highly advise you to install windows xp onto your pc. It is a very successful product from Microsoft. We seldome hear any negative comments about it from other users. It has a friendly interface and easy to control even for novices. I think windows vista is not suitable for most of us as it covers too much harddisk space and has lots of compatiblity problems with pc hardwares. It has been considered to be a transitional product. Any beta version has more or less problems concerning softwares and hardwares. It's not a good choice to install any beta versions unless you only plan to test it.
@Ayoosh16 (194)
• India
30 Jun 09
man! with such a high end computer, if u give this advice, that clearly shows u do not have guts
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
With that specification I would highly recommend to go to Windows 7 I tested a few weeks ago and really works well and very snappy when you open programs.Right it is till running best no problem at all.Though Windows XP are very mature but Microsoft is already planning to phase out that version and support are limited in the long run. Windows Vista don't about it installing on your PC it really sucks.
• India
7 May 09
If you want a high end performance, you have to chose windows XP. If you give importance to the appearance and desktop effects, then it's better to chose windows vista. But, as everybody knows, vista is resource hungry and therefore system requirements are very high. It cannot give performance up to the expected level.