Yes, it's been a while

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
April 20, 2009 12:48pm CST
What can I say, life happens. Some good and some bad. Where to begin??? Well, I had messed my arm up and couldn't lift it without extreme pain. It's well now. I got new glasses and it's been interesting trying to get used to bifocals! A dear freind came back into my life and that has been a big blessing. I missed her a great deal. We got robbed, yes, robbed, here at work. No weapons involved. The son of a long time customer took our pay and the cash in our little box. I knew he was acting weird but never expected that. I was more upset that I had to call his father. Long story short, they lost there eldest son a few years ago to a drug overdose. To have to call them about their only living son, well, you might as well have ripped my heart out. We were reimbursed and all is well. Hey, I told you life had been happening! We have our garden planted, the majority of it. I started some seeds yesterday, mainly plants that help keep the bad insects away from the garden. We have had major storms over the last month with tornadoes and straight line winds and all that kind of fun. There was a tree down on the house next to the shop. Power was out all over the state. We had more lovely weather just last night. I can't imagine why I have an earache with a storm siren going off all night in my front yard???? Anyhow, here I am, finally getting to breathe for a moment and thought I'd explain my absence and say Hey, I'm still alive and kicking. Blessings,
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