Please help MyLot tasks are still pending

@arkasen (748)
April 20, 2009 5:23pm CST
I have submitted 5 task of paragraph writing one week back but still they are pending. Does any body know how long does it take to accept this type of tasks. And if the tasks remain pending for a few more days then what to do. Should I contact the mylot admin or some thing else. What should I do. Please help.
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@Effusive (156)
• United States
29 Apr 09
You have to remember that it is a person that has to read all of these task that we submit. When you see the task if you look a the end then it will day how many of them are available. So they have to grade that many. There are ones that have you answer a series of questions about a keyword. They also have some where you find a logo and resize it. If they are incorrect then they return them and tell you what you did wrong and you can resubmit them for the payment again. Just relax as they are not that hard but I will admit that it does take a long time it seems like. You just have to keep checking to see what is available. I have 4 pending out of 10 that I did. Good luck with the task. Happy Posting :)
@ank_47 (1961)
• India
21 Apr 09
for me also ,some of the tasks are pending without approval and i am also waiting for results. may be we have to wait one more week i think . lets hope we will get after one week. otherwise we should write to mylot admin.
@busyB4 (875)
• United States
20 Apr 09
It took mine about 2 and a half weeks for them to be answered and then I got one back to add too, and did and then it got rejected. I must say I have NOT been very happy to do these tasks that consume so much time to just be rejected for my work!