Do woman have it tougher than men?

United States
April 20, 2009 5:53pm CST
Everyone has there own personal struggles that they will face in life. But in my opinion I think being a woman is tougher than being a man. The changes that our bodies go through and giving birth are things I don't think any normal man could handle. We had to fight for our rights as women in the past. And we still have to fight for respect today, especially in the work place. I think men have it to easy sometimes. And women can handle things better than men, for example. A while back my boyfriend had a cold and he was just complaining and acting like a baby. He acted like he was too sick to do anything. This made me think cause once me and my daughter were both sick with the virus and I took care of both of us by myself. I didn't complain once because I knew what I had to do. And he was to sick to get up from a tiny little cold. Men are such babies when it comes down to it. And no offense to you men out there. I would like to hear your opinions, too.
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@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
21 Apr 09
All things considered, I think women have it much, much easier than men. I say this as a woman myself, so don't jump on me and beat me up. lol Think about it. The majority of the time, women get maternity leave right after having a baby (most men don't or can't take leave after a baby is born.). Women tend to have lower car insurance premiums; we don't have to register with Selective Service on our 18th birthdays. We have the option of being housewives, which, while it is a job in itself, nevertheless allows us to stay home. Both sexes have different roles to play, but overall, I think women have it much, much easier.
• United States
22 Apr 09
Yes I think If you're a housewife, you do have it easier than some men. But what about the single mothers that have to go back to work after they have their baby.
@GAUCI123 (1042)
• Malta
22 Apr 09
I agree with you totally, my husband when he is sick acts like a baby, he lies yh all day in bed and also he pretends that I cuddle him and take care of him . When I am sick, I have to do housework, take care of my child, even if i am with fever. If I stop everything stops.
• India
21 Apr 09
Yes, I also think so because woman has to face more challenging situation in there life. They have to change there priority immediately. They need to change there attitiude according to time as well.