What kind of ipod you have?

United States
April 20, 2009 10:39pm CST
Is it me or is ipod is becoming a norm in society like cell phones?? It seem like every teens got one.
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• United States
28 Jun 09
yeah ipods are getting big now it looks like all ages have them now. I have the 80GB ipod Classic silver i love it.
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20 Jun 09
i have ipod nano 1 GB color black and ipod nano video color silver..no one can beat apple products because the quality is so awesome..and if you compare them to other products you can really say that mine is great.
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@arcidy (5012)
• United States
22 May 09
Yes I have an ipod wich is about a year old and its a 120 gb the biggest one they have im pretty sure and I have a lot of songs on it more then 3,000 songs. I love that ipod thats the one thing I would not leave home without because I listen to music all the time on it wich I love doing.
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• United States
22 Apr 09
I have an Ipod Nano, but unfortunately I lost it when I went out for a party with friends.
@rosekiss (30348)
• Eugene, Oregon
19 Aug 09
I have the ipod touch and I really like it. I don'tuse it everyday though as the battery goes down just to fast. I have put some games and ohter apps on it, and I enjoy playing them. Yhrtr sure are a lot of apps for the ipod, that it is hard to really find just the right ones to put on it. I just purchesed the ipos a couple of months ago, and not sure what generation it is, but it does seem fast when the pages load up. I can do mylot on it too, but while I am home I use the computer, as it is only while I am away from my computer, that is when I use it to come in here. Of course have to havw wifi. All, in all I really do like the ipod touch. Have a great day, and happy mylotting.
@kellys3ps (3725)
• United States
2 May 09
I have an iphone.
@akinov (196)
• Philippines
25 Apr 09
Ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen jailbroken..
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
I've got a Ipod Classic 80gb.