Where do you want to be in 7 years time??

April 21, 2009 9:12am CST
We all have dreams, goals we want to reach. Whats yours? what do you want to do in life, career? anything that will make you say "Iv been succesful in life" Ill go first In 7 years time I want to finish my education with a degree in mental health Become a mental health nurse Buy a car Visit Jamaica (always wanted to do that) Move to dominican Republic with my soulmate Buy a home And live there forever and ever Enjoy every day of my life hopefully
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@navas4u (185)
• India
22 Apr 09
Yes! I have Dreams Within 7 years 1) I am a Success Trainer who teach people to Win. 2) The Owner of a couple of Businesses. 3) I have my Dream Car which runs on Sunlight. 4) My Dream Home in my beautiful village which make use of Eco friendly energy resources. 5) I am released from all my debts. 6) My sister is married. 7) My Family is Happy 8) My brother has completed his education. 9) I have a couple of followers (My children) ;) 10) After all I have time freedom and financial freedom. Relax... I am planning these things within the next five years. And somethingd in the next two years And some of them in one year. Thank you Almighty for empowering me to achieve all my goals.
22 Apr 09
Thnx for sharing. Gud Luck with reaching your drems!
22 Apr 09
Thanks for sharing. Gud Luck with reaching your dream!
@Shant23 (195)
22 Apr 09
In seven years time i will be 30 so i want to have sold my flat and bought a house and also marry my girlfriend and have at least 1 kid by then. Seven years is a long time so i think i will be able to achieve my goals by then. Its scary to think that i will be 30 then though makes me wonder where my life is going.
@Samanthavv (1383)
• United States
22 Apr 09
Wow. In seven years, I will; 1. Have completed my associate's of arts degree. 2. Have completed my A.A.S Nursing degree. 3. Have completed the bridge program for the A.A.S. Nursing degree to the BSN nursing degree. 4. Applied to, been accepted into, and started medical school. 5. Stayed married to my amazing husband. 6. Maybe have another child. 7. Bought a home, or some other property investment. 8. Started working as a nurse part time.
@pengbubu (1015)
• China
21 Apr 09
For me, I think 7 years is a little long. I want to success in next five years, my dream is buy a house and a car for me and my family, enjoy my life and have enough money for live. Haha! I think it's not a easy job, but I will try my best. Happy mylotting!
@kharen (1488)
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
in 7 years time?hmmn... well with God always there on top of it all I want to finish my pharamcy course and to pursue a doctoral degree and graduate Work in abroad and help save lives Buy my parents and baby sister (7 yrs old now) a house and a car - because my brother could also buy his own by then world tour after me surviving aplastic anemia with my family still Live with comfort with my soulmate too And enjoy the rest of my life.