have you ever thought that you can gain friends from chatting?!

April 21, 2009 10:12am CST
do you guys ever think that you can make friends through chatting?! well believe it or not, you can! some of us use to chat just to consume our spare time and to release our tensions from work and anything that gives us the feeling of stress. usually we do chat with people in our messenger's list, right? but did you try chatting with someone whom you can say a stranger?! well, in chat rooms people usually don't know each other but as time passes by they started knowing each other and became friends. they started seeing and treating each other as their true friend as if they know one another that much. i can personally say that this is true because i really gain a lot of friends from chatting. you? have you experienced it yet?! can you share me your story too? ;))
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