have you ever got your heart broken?

@luphita (114)
April 21, 2009 10:35am CST
once i knew that woman i loved to, reject my ask, i was very weak and powerless for some time. have you ever got it? and how did you feel?
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@chiyosan (30185)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
yes, of course we all have had our hearts broken. a simply no from our parents for that particular toy we love is somthing that is heartbreaking in itself right???
• Singapore
21 Apr 09
heart broke ....... yes i get heart broke a lot time. in my ex ,no matter how good i teat him end up come to the end. all your effort gone. come to my hubby now. when i got very disappointment with him my heart broke and no power to do anything ... include no power to eat or drink......
@mkchaves (530)
• Canada
21 Apr 09
Well, I had my heartbroken for a couple of times by the same person. LOL. :) Well, just 2 months ago, he broken up with me. Which is so bad. hehe.. that broke my heart into tiny million pieces. :( I always tell myself now NEVER to let anyone break my heart ever again. Having a broken heart makes you wanna just cease everything. Well, first day maybe. hehe.. hays.. It's frustrating sometimes, especially when we remember the "happy" memories.
@wirnen (67)
• South Africa
21 Apr 09
My hart was once broken when I had this really amazing girl and we loved each other very very much but then we had to move away and thots how I got my hart broken.