I am so panicky... Tales of a Panic Attack

April 21, 2009 12:46pm CST
Hi there everyone!! Its been a while... Do you think about panic all the time? Does your hand gets sweaty and have you been having dizzy spells or racing heartbeat? Are you pathetically worried about the things that happen to you and everythingelse around you? If you have the above mentioned symtoms then you definitely a patient of panic-attack. Ooohh gosh!! How many of you are like me??? Whoo hoo...
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
21 Apr 09
Those who think about panic all the time,they are emotionally imbalanced and mentally weak. We need to move with positive spirit in all circumstances,however terrifying and heart-breaking it may be.All the events and situations we pass through in our lives are the result of our thoughts and actions.I consider all situations with a balanced and positive spirit.I do accept every situation with a positive sense and explore ways and means to resolve the crisis with courage and patience. Thanks.
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@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
2 May 09
"Emotionally imbalanced and mentally weak"? Who on earth do you think you are? You are in no position to be judging other people like this. Maybe everything is all rainbows and roses and ice cream in your little world, but here's a news flash: Not everyone is you. Gasp! Heaven forbid that people are actually human and tend to do human things from time to time! Panic attacks/disorders do exist, and to tell someone who has them that he or she is "emotionally imbalanced and mentally weak" is so ignorant on your part. Perhaps you should try taking in a bit of reality now and then, and actually have a bit of compassion on your fellow human beings instead of dismissing them as being imbalanced and weak.
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@Theresaaiza (10528)
• Australia
2 May 09
Oh I am sad to hear you have such a concern. But I guess I am blessed to not have one. Although I do panic when the situation is highly "emergency" in nature and the symptoms you mentioned get evident, I don't think it becomes a big problem. After the problem has been resolved, the symptoms should just go away.
• Philippines
2 May 09
very insightful... solve the problem and the panic will go away... Thanks for your response.