Do you know yourself? What type of person are you?

April 21, 2009 2:33pm CST
Ive only realised recently that I dont actually know myself too well. If someone asked you what type of person you were, could you answer without having a good think about it? There's always an event or something which happens to let you realise truely what person you are in my opinion. I know for me, I was staying at a friend's house once, and it really made me learn something about who I am, although it wasnt something good. Even if it isnt always good, isnt it good to know yourself inside out? Id hate for someone to be able to know me more than I know myself, so I try to know myself really well, although im quite an unpredictable person, even to myself. It makes no sense!
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• Canada
21 Apr 09
I believe I know myself quite well. I am an everchanging human being who evolves in many ways continuously. My core traits remain the same, naturally. I am honest, open, and a very happy person. I am a good listener, understanding but at the same time, very hard-headed as well. Everything considered though, bottom line is, I like myself the way I am and that is all that counts.