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April 21, 2009 4:02pm CST
My dad went to school in a very small community; the population was 303, according to the sign at the city limits. And it was in the early 1940’s. One of Dad’s teachers presented the idea that nurture is more important that nature in the development of men. She told the students that if a baby was raised by sheep that it would eat grass, walk on all fours, and bleat. My dad did not believe that. He believed that at some point a human child would stand upright and use his hands to an advantage. The teacher and he had an argument. My dad would not concede on the matter. When the time for testing on the subject a few days later, there was only one question on the test. It was “What would be the outcome if a human were raised by sheep?” Dad wrote the answer she wanted to see on his paper. But when he handed in his paper, he looked the teacher in the eye and said, “Baaaa!” Who was right, Dad or the teacher? Why do you think so?
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@suspenseful (40312)
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22 Apr 09
They both are. The child raised by sheep would be able to stand, but it will eat grass, and it will not be able to talk, just make sounds. But it will have the potential to learn how to talk. The child would still be limited and if not caught in time, would not have the intelligence and would not know how to use his hands except to pull out and grasp things. It would be a grown up baby.
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22 Apr 09
Do you think so? First, I do not believe a sheep could raise a human child, the baby would die if left in a field of sheep. Second, I think the innate abilities of a human are greater than to be limited to the by one set of stimulus. But it is interesting to consider, at least in my book!