Who Has Tried The Gender Choosing Methods' And Have Proven It To Be Real?

@w1nsse (36)
April 21, 2009 5:37pm CST
im not talking about the procedures where you need to pay 3k bucks for doctors to pick out x and y dna's.. im talking about the Shettles, ericcson, microsorting and dr jonas method.. if you have tried it, and found it to be accurate? because if people can honestly testify that they have tried it, and they had the gender of the child they wanted, im hoping to post a link to recommend possible parents who have had two or more children of the same gender. and want to experience being a parent of the opposite gender :) http://w1nsse.babygender.hop.clickbank.net/ the author used those four methods. and when you do get the book and after 8weeks youre not contented with it, you can ask for a refund :) so there isnt much risk anyway :) me on the other hand, we have a daughter and if someday we decide to try for another child, i would just let nature take its course and have it or God choose for us. whatever the result, wed be grateful to have been blessed with a child at all :) this is not for everyone, but i am still curious if after all my research about this, are there people who have tried it and have seen results? :) thanks a lot!
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