Attacking Politicians... is it necessary??

April 21, 2009 7:47pm CST
So, a clown has been on the loose and almost attacked the Iranian president. Few months back some guy managed to throw his shoes at george bush and now he's a millionare. Another Guy threw his shoes at the Chinese president and he's been sentenced to jail time. I know politicians are a joke these days but would you risk your life to show how unhappy you are with them? I'm kind of impressed with the one who threw his shoes at Bush.. His shoes sold on ebay for £2.5 million!! Now if I knew that would be the quickest way to be a millionare I got a whole closet filled with shoes which I can throw at him! My point is are you happy with our current politicians? Would you show your anger by throwing stuff at them? What do you think of these guys that do get the courage to do so??
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