Will Michael Vick ever play again in the NFL?

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April 21, 2009 8:38pm CST
I think Vick's career is over. I simply do not see a team taking a chance on him as they fear the repercussions. Teams will simply not risk alienating fans. What Vick simply doesn't understand is that for many Americans their pets are their family. His comments following his arrest that "oh they were just dogs" really showed that this man has no contrition for his actions. Athletes get paid big money to fill the stands at games not to empty them and any team that hires Vick risks a backlash of fans turning in their season tickets. Vick's career in the NFL is over.
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22 May 09
i agree that it is a monumental risk to take vick. But I also feel like The NFL is a business, and at the end of the day Mike Vick fills seats. Secondly, he could come back and be effective in the "Wild Cat" schemes that a lot of teams are implementing, but i do not feel like he will be a starting NFL QB. He could get some wild cat snaps, but maybe he will be a special teamer or possibly a Wide out. If Minnesota doesn't get Favre, who knows, they may get a ticket boosting player like Vick
@blue65packer (11831)
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6 May 09
I can't see Michael Vick being reinstated by the NFL! We allready know the Falcons don't want him and want to trade him to get something for him! Only a very desperate team, who is need of a QB,would take Vick! I also agree that alot of Americans don't want to see Vick back in the NFL! Those same Americans don't think he was remorseful when he supposely apologized for what he did! I agree Vick wasn't remorseful and probaly never will be! I'll pray that Commissioner Goodell does the right thing and doesn't reinstate Vick!