Dell Studio 15 vs Dell XPS 15 vs Dell Studio XPS 16

April 21, 2009 9:18pm CST
I'm currently thinking of getting a laptop or a desktop. For laptop, I'm actually looking at few companies such as Dell, HP and Acer (cheap). HP laptops are known to be quite expensive. I recently looked at the 15 or 16 inch multimedia laptop but the one we have in my country came with the Blu-ray drive, which really adds up to the price. As for Acer, it's good but I don't have many friends who are using it. Furthermore, they do have quite limited choice for 15 - 16 inch laptops. Thus, I plan to look more into Dell. The new Dell Studio 15 looks pretty interesting with the WLED display. I'm not very sure whether they have fixed the HDMI problem which is faced by the previous Studio 15 users. XPS 15 on the other hand, is pretty cheap right now. The specs for the new Studio 15 is actually better than this old XPS 15. I think there will be a new XPS 15 coming out soon. Dell Studio XPS 16 on the other hand, looks very nice but there are several complaints about the heat and also the poor build quality. What do you think? Have you used any of the 3? Or you have any other recommendations when it comes to laptops with display size of 15 to 16 inch. 17 is way too expensive for me. By the way, I plan to use the HDMI port, and also use the laptop for programming and normal gaming (waiting for Starcraft II).
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@qingmui (11)
• Canada
25 Apr 09
Hi, i want to buy dell too, but i really don't know much about dell laptop. My plan is deadlock. unfortunately, my old computer seens going hell. I am looking XPS 16, studio 15 and inspiron 15.
• Malaysia
29 Apr 09
Inspiron 15 is a bit of a lower end series. Not sure if it can support Vista properly.
@kodigo (171)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
Hi daydreamer20, Dell? whether Studio , Inspiron, Vostro or XPS, I just simply don't like it. They look good I admit, specs are also high. but man, If I were you, I'll add extra bucks and get a Sony Vaio. Why? Sony is a manufacturer, If something goes wrong with their parts, they will admit it. Why not Dell? Dell is not a manufacturer, they are builders of computers from parts purchase from different manufacturers. If you encounter a hardware problem, they will support it if your in warranty but if not, go to the manufacturer. See my point? But its your decision. Its your money. Just my 2 cents.
• Malaysia
29 Apr 09
Actually Sony also takes parts from other companies like Intel and WD or Seagate or Nvidia (but battery is by Sony. Even Dell's battery is by Sony). I do understand the part about manufacturer. But I must admit Sony is good when it comes to admitting problems. A friend of mine has a faulty laptop battery and Sony offered to return a brand new one to him. Another friend of mine also has the same issue with Dell and he's having a very difficult time talking to Dell support.