Can be internet a dangerous place?a student kill a woman who he know to net

@icesmile (7160)
April 22, 2009 1:34am CST
I hear to news in the morning...he know this woman to net, after they meet, and he kill this woman. He try with other woman too, but police catch him. Can be internet a very dangerous place? How we must protect ourself from peoples who are really crazy? Are so many peoples who meet to net, and after meet in real too.. Do you know protect yourself to internet? We need more privacy?
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@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 09
It's shocking. Where did you hear the news? Are you sure with the legitimacy of the news? If that's true, it could be an important lesson for us, both newbie and expert on the internet to be more carefully on meeting with new friend. I have been heard some similar news few years ago, but i wasn't sure if that was a truth because some friends told me that for some reasons people often making hoax news on the internet. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
22 Apr 09
to the news in the morning, he is a student to Boston University, and meet this woman to net, meeet with she in a hotel, and kill she...and they say that he try to kill other woman too....maybe tah woman just want to find shes happyness, is shoking really...they show imagines too