i am scared of child delivery

April 22, 2009 2:55am CST
My dear 'mylotters' what can I do to let my fear of child delivery go off? I am now five months pregnant and will delivery in September, but I am too scared to bear the pain of labour. When I really think of it, I tremble severely. But, I long to see my baby soon. Is there anyone else there who is also just like me? What would you do?
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@nishdan01 (3051)
• Singapore
22 Apr 09
It is just 5 months. Another four months awaits. You need not worry. You can talk about your fears to agood friend who has already gone through it. Then You can read some books on the topic. Take deep breath and try to take up pre-delivery classes. Pain is natural and no one can escape.
• Singapore
22 Apr 09
Thanks for your response. Yes, I have been taking pre-delivery classes. Exactly, as you said pain is natural and no one can escape. I wish there could be a way of delivering a child without any pain. If only Eve and Adam didn't commit sin in the Garden of Eden, we women wouldn't have to go through all this pain :)
@ip5217 (1655)
• Philippines
18 Nov 10
Oh this post was two years ago. Anyway, I have seen you profile picture and you have such an awesome cute little girl. You made it my friend. Congratulations! I have just given birth to our first baby, too. I managed normal delivery to a 7.4 lbs baby girl. As a mother I think we all are willing to bear whatever pain it entails just to give life to our little one.