We can no longer afford a Federal Government.

@Arkie69 (2156)
United States
April 22, 2009 9:04am CST
The way I see it our Federal Government needs to go. The states can do a better job at working for the people. We could double the State income taxes and still come out ahead. Far too much of our Federal Income and other taxes are getting out of the US and not benefiting the people. I say we need to look after the needs of the American People first and then when we have what we need then think about sharing a little of it with other people. The working people that take home a weekly paycheck is paying most of the bill of the Federal Government and getting the least benefits from their money. The states are more in touch with their people and can get a lot more of their taxes back to them. All these ear marks in these bail out bills is plenty of reason to dump the Federal Government. These idiots that dream up these bills are so out of touch with the people they have no idea what we need. The one that signs these bills into law is no better. If you have a dog that bites your neighbor every time they visit you keep the neighbor and get rid of the dog. We need to get rid of the dog, (dogs). If our Federal Government stays on the same path they are on now you will soon start to see states pulling out of the Union. I look for Texas to be the first. Should a state pull out of the union I'll be the first to move there just to get out from under the foot of the Federal Government. Art
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