yoga for six pack abs!!!

April 23, 2009 4:49am CST
hi do you know any yogasanas which can give a person a flat abdomen-even if its not possible to get a six packs its ok as long as u get a flat ab.
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@amirev777 (3936)
• India
23 Apr 09
Here are six yogasanas that can help you to get a flat tummy: 1. 30-Degree-Lift Steps: Lie on your back. Now raise your upper body and legs slightly above the ground. Remember to raise the torso or back and not just raise and bend the neck. That would strain wrongly. The feet can go up till a level of 30 degrees above the ground. Hands are to be stretched out in front of you. Stay in the pose for 20 seconds, then come back and relax. Repeat once more. 2. Touch-your-Knee Steps: Lie on your back. Lift your one knee and bend it towards your chest with the help of your hands. Try and make your nose touch your knee. The second leg remains on the ground. Once we become comfortable, also try raising the second leg in the air till about a 30 degrees level. Remain in the pose for around 20 seconds. Then slowly get back and relax. Alternate this with the other leg too. Repeat the round twice. 3. Acute-angle Steps: Lie on the floor with your head facing down and hands bent by the elbow, kept by the chest sides. Now lift your torso up to make your hands be straight and perpendicular to the ground, back and legs straight and the palms right below the shoulders. Now raise your legs to rest only on feet fingers. The neck is to be straight in line with the back. Stay for at least 30-60 counts, come down slowly and relax. Repeat once more. 4. Cobra-Style Steps: Lie down with the forehead on the ground. Keep the legs together and the arms at the sides with the palms by the side of the thighs. Now bring the arms closer to shoulder and then bend the arms at the elbows to bring the palms right below the shoulder. Tilt the head upwards to look up. Then slowly arch the spine and pressing the palms raise the upper trunk from the ground. Stay for 20 seconds. Then slowly resume to normal position. Repeat once more. 5. Leg-Lifts Steps: This is more like those floor exercises. Lie on your back with your hands either stretched over the head or by the side of your body. Now raise your legs together up till a 45 degree angle and then slowly bring it back to the ground. Don’t bend the knees. The catch here is not to make your feet touch the ground but rather to keep it slightly up in the air. Then take it up again till 45 degrees. Slowly repeat this motion of up and down atleast 10-15 times. Relax then. Repeat if required. 6.Wind-relieving-pose Steps:Lie down on your back and stretch both legs. Now leaving the left leg stretched on the ground bend your right leg at the knee and bring the bent knee near the chest. Now inhale and press your bent leg on your chest with both hands, which should be interlocked for this purpose. Stay in this position for 20 seconds. Now start exhaling, lift your head and try to touch your bent knee with your nose. Inhale and bring your head back in the normal position. Also take the leg down and exhale. Repeat this process with left leg and then both legs.