Are you health concious?

@russvy (22)
April 23, 2009 11:42am CST
When I was in first and second year high school I was only 130lbs but when I was in third year my weight begin to go up that time I was already 150lbs. When I was in 4th year I'm already 170lbs and when I go to college I notice that I was so big when I look to our mirror in our home. From that I feel uncomfortable because I feel my weight still going up as the time goes by. When I was in 4th year college that is the time I have to make some exercise and diet because I think if I will not start to loose weight there will be time that I will become giant, funny but it's true. Until now I was still big I was 160lbs right now but I make it a point that it will not go beyond the 160lbs. Right my excercise is that I jog every morning before I go to work and I lessen my food I ate especially rice. How about you mylotters are a health concious?
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