How do I increase my page rank on my blog?

United States
April 23, 2009 3:12pm CST
What advice can you guys give me? I have to try and raise my page rank on all of my blogs. I'm new at this and don't know the ways to raise my Alexa page rank score. You guys are the me raise my page rank...what have you done? What works?
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@jason1308 (1586)
• France
23 Apr 09
I might be interested in swapping links with you, depending what your blog is about, I only want links with relevent blogs of similar content. PM me if you are interested with you Blog address.
• United States
1 May 09
What kind of information do you have on your blogs? I have been learning a lot about link sharing, I do have multiple pages so it would depend on what your main focus was on. If you would like we can exchange ideas over PM?
23 Apr 09
Page rank works on several different elements but the one you have greatest control of is getting links to your sites. But it is not just a case of getting links from any sort of website or blog. If a site links to you within the same niche as your site it will hold more weight than from a site which is in a completely different genre. It is also more beneficial if you get links from sites which already have a higher page rank than you. But remember Alexa page rank partly works by tracking the sites which people visit who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. So sites which disuss SEO and getting a high page rank on Alexa will more likely get a I higher page rank than others as the people who generally look at these sites will already have Alexa installed on their browser. In all honesty if you concentrate on building up traffic to your site which actually stays on your site and browses your pages, your alexa page rank will start to increase naturally.
@maddie007 (141)
• United States
23 Apr 09
exchange links with other high quality relevant sites
• Brazil
23 Apr 09
Page rank is how many sites link to you, you need to get people to link back to you, go around and ask other blogs to exchange links, you link to them they link to you, if you like to exchange links here's my blog leave me a message there with your link.