Is Obama still "Pro-choice" on Abortion issue?

April 23, 2009 10:08pm CST
I am in favor of the President's programs and platform when he was just running for the seat. However only one thing, really just makes me uncomfortable having him as a choice, though I'm not a US citizen, when he was introduced as pro-choice depending on what the preggy mom decides to abort it or not. I'm just not in favor of abortion only when it's life threatening to the woman. I've heard that some of his suggestions in the platform were somewhat done in the opposite, as what I've read in some of the posts here, so I'm wondering if he's now "PRO-LIFE"!! I hope so! Ciao!
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@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
25 Apr 09
It is a shame to say that Obama is pro-choice. I have heard that if a baby is born during an abortion he doesn't want that baby to live. I read a book called Giana which is about an American lady that survived a saline abortion. She was born in an abortion clinic and a kind nurse sent her off to a caring hospital. I am not in favor of abortion and would never have one. I can appreciate an abortion happening because the lady's life is in danger. I don't think ladies that find out their baby will be disabled are given the full picture. Some of them are pushed emotionally into having an abortion. If a lady conceives a baby during an attack then I would understand if she wants to have an abortion. A unborn baby is innocent and I think life begins at conception. I like people to use birth control and I think adoption is really great.
@niara25 (148)
• United States
6 Dec 09
I totally agree with you. It should only happen as a last resort. Abortion is murder. If a woman doesn't want children, she should either practice birth control, put an unborn child up for adoption should she become pregnant or just keep her legs closed. I believe live takes place a conception. If not, how could something so precious grow if it wasn't alive? When are people going to argue for the life of the child? A couple of friends aborted a babies, even though the fathers wanted their child. How come a father who wants his child have no say in the matter? It may be her body that supports the child, but she doesn't have the right to end that life.
@Bebs08 (10685)
• United States
24 Apr 09
He is pro choice... He allows mothers to abort if they want it. I am wondering why he is like that? He suppose to be stern when it comes to killing innocent babies?
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
That is so sad to hear, yeah what's his reason for not defending the lives of the unborn? so long as he can please the most people? I really don't get his point, he just don't care? Don't consider the babies as human? I really like him, but that issue is just a bothersome.