Does the seating really matter?

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April 24, 2009 12:25am CST
As I write this , The Ducks beat the sharks yet again. the number 9 over a 1!And in the east , The Caps are on their way out. Question, Would this seill happen if The Sharks were number 2 and had The Blue Jackets or if the Caps were number 3 and got to play The Hurricanes?I am not sure.the Sharks seem to get to the playoffs but can't make that next step. As for the Caps, I just don't know. Did they run out of gas?Do you think the seating matters in the playoffs?
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@tjhtommyj (261)
• Canada
26 Apr 09
Seating does matter, but more so long term. Think of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Calgary Flames. Those two will have nothing left in the tank to go to the second round. If they do somehow make it through there, there is no way they have anything left in the Conference Finals. The higher seeds generally have themselves an easier path to the cup. The Eastern Conference was difficult this year because the lower ranked teams were all teams that had underachieved for most of the season and either bareley hung on to their playoff spot (Montreal) or got hot at the right time (Rangers and Carolina) to get in. They weren't your traditional lower ranked team. The Sharks are a different team entirely. They began to fizzle towards the end of their season, collecting a fair number of single point games. Had they played like that all season they would not have been number one that is for sure. The playoffs is a different type of game, and it doesn't favour the Sharks. Come playoff time the games get more physical, more gritty and the Sharks don't play that way. In Anaheim's 3 wins it's a simple case of the Sharks being outworked. Numerous video replays show Marleau and Thornton just floating around the ice - you can't do that in the playoffs and it's catching up to them. So yes, I think the rankings do matter, but not so much in the first round. You can't take your opponent lightly, but you are set up for greater long term success. Think of it this way - when was the last time you saw an 8th ranked team win the Stanley Cup? I don't recall it ever happening in my life time.
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26 Apr 09
I don't remember a 8 seat winning either . But then their post season really starts two or three weeks before the end of the season.I was thinking of the 4vs 5 and the 3 vs 6.These seem to be real close matches. And it is so easy to take the home ice away.I don't know what to do to get The Sharks to play with fire. You either have it or you don' you think The President's cup is a curse?I know the Red Wings won both The Presidents And The Stanley Cup in the same year?isn't that rare?
• Canada
27 Apr 09
I think the first ranked team has a bit of a disadvantage for those first few games for the reason you mentioned. Other teams begin playoff games two or three weeks prior, whereas for the top ranked teams, they haven't played a meaningful game in those same two to three weeks. It takes a bit for them to get going. That may be what's happening with San Jose. Either way they need a fire lit under them immediately. People like Joe and Marleau need to get active and get gritty or San Jose will see another premature exit. Marleau went into the danger zones and battled in front of the net last night and it resulted in him pocketing the overtime winner. Success happens when you're willing to work for it.