synchronised stuffing around

April 24, 2009 4:25am CST
in my school we have some bands and stuff like that. one of which i am involved in is the "guitar ensemble" which features me, 4 other guitarists and a bass player. we were playing the tune the guy in charge wanted us to practice and it didnt sound too bad. but he left the room to go grab something. then as one of the main rules of being in a band. we all started playing our own little songs we felt like playing. the kid next to me was playing a riff i instantly recognised as the intro to "joker and the thief" by wolf mother. almost instinctively i joined in, playing the same riff. then one of the other guitarists who also recognised the riff started playing it too. then the guy in charge came back and heard us all playing this sweet sounding tune and praised us......then told us off for not playing the given tune (but we can tell he secretly enjoyed it, for he is the man who teaches us all guitar and it must be good to know all your students can recognise a tune and play it) this was a particularly fun and interesting experience for me. anyone got any similar experiences??
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