Are you a good person?

April 24, 2009 7:40am CST
No matter families, relatives, or strangers, at work or on holiday, they always satisfy all demands. Even make plans for others beforehand. What are hidden from the gentle appearance? Does it only prove their existences and control their aggressive personalities. Are you such a good person in others's eyes? What kind of experiences have brought from these deeds? Welcome you to share your stories and feelings with us.
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• United States
27 Apr 09
To me, it's important to be a better person each day than I was the day before. I've been teased quite a bit at times, about being too good to be real, but that's me. I'm happy with it. There's no aggression behind it at all. I'd never presume to make plans for others or tell them how to live, but I do give advice when asked. I value people and I value myself. There's no room for ugliness there.
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@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
28 Apr 09
that answer is the best really, value in life is all what we need.
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
28 Apr 09
If you respect yourself, others will respect you too. this is a rule in life. Of course, peoples sometimes if you are to good try to "kill" you, of course under the anonim masks...but is better to rest as you are, and value in life we can keep just if we keep your value firts
@seymiss (622)
5 May 09
If ur not at peace with who u are then u can't get along wiv anyone.The key to loving others iz to love urself.
@marciascott (25550)
• United States
24 Apr 09
I try to be a good person, but sometimes people make you a mean person, like my neighbor, I can't wait to move from here, she is a trouble maker. She brings out the worst in me.
• China
25 Apr 09
I think you can try to accept others, like your neighbor, you will fine when you smile to others, the others will smile to you. Then you can surpass yourself.
• India
16 May 09
i dont know if i am a good person or not. i think no one knows about himself. it depends on others thought that we are good or not. but , i always try to help others , try to build confidence among them , & make them such that i loose the battle with them in that field i which i taught them. i dont know people like my attitude or not, but i am attractive in nature & has a very light heart , if anyone gets angry with me , i feel very sad. i had no money in had or dont think have a good future on the field of earning money. but i cant see anyone doing begging , uneducated , homeless , unclean etc. etc. i always try to help them , but my financial & other natural problems always stop me to do this things. i had more thoughts , but dont want to make this post lengthy.
@bird123 (10484)
• United States
9 May 09
We are all good people. We are all children of God. Some simply do not UNDERSTAND. They face the lessons from the consequences of their actions and choices. We all understand in the end.